Business policy

NOVOPLAST's business policy lays down its strategic orientation, and objectives and comprises our vision, goals, structure and values. We believe that consistent profitability is crucial to the sustainable development of our company. All our actions are directed towards one ultimate goal – not the short-term optimization of results but the assurance of long-term success.

Our vision

Our motivation in our work is to develop various methods of processing plastic in order to manufacture products in the optimal form required by the customer. We take a dedicated, professional and profitable approach to joint value creation together with our customers and partners.

Our goals

In order to secure the long-term success of our operations, we need clearly defined goals. Our aim is to ensure that these corporate goals are supported by all those involved, which is why they are broken down and allocated to individual departments and employees as appropriate.

Our structure

Our flat hierarchy facilitates fast decision-making processes, which serve as a basis for the speed and flexibility of our service. Our second location in Hungary, complemented by high-tech engineering from Switzerland, enables us to offer our customers excellent value for money.

Our values

We are an autonomous and independent family firm with an identity that is based on shared values. Our shareholders are committed to sustainable corporate and social responsibility, and the management and conduct of our employees are based on a set of defined principles. We are extremely proud to work for our company.


Our first priority in our activities is to address our customers’ needs and make sure that they are satisfied with a high level of professionalism. This is where we invest all our energy and abilities. We deliver on our promises.


People are the most important element of our organization - after all, only a strong team can secure our long-term success. Our actions are driven by a strong sense of responsibility towards our employees, in whom we strive to cultivate a sense of loyalty towards the company. We aim to strike a balance between performance and humanity, and to be company of which every employee can be proud.


Our actions are driven by responsibility towards our customers, employees and society as a whole. A management system based on international standards governs our organization and operational procedures, and these standards are monitored and improved on an ongoing basis to ensure the consistently high quality of our products and services.


The quality of our products and services also depends on the capabilities of our suppliers. We see suppliers, service providers and authorities as important partners in the value creation process, and strive to cultivate this sense of partnership with them. Our open communication helps us achieve this goal.


We use resources responsibly in designing and manufacturing products, with unavoidable waste being recycled wherever possible. It goes without saying that we comply with environmental protection regulations and promote environmentally sound behaviour among our employees.


Innovation is the driving force behind our growth, and we respond to even the most complex customer requirements and wishes with dedication and an innovative spirit. Economically optimized process technologies ensure consistent value for our customers. Innovation is ingrained in our day-to-day activities, and receives our ongoing investment.


"When you stop getting better, you stop being good." Our techniques, processes and procedures are continually being improved. We involve our employees in this undertaking by encouraging them to develop and put forward improvement suggestions for all processes. This enables us to ensure our competitive edge and improve our profitability and quality while maintaining an excellent record as regards environmental protection and occupational health and safety.


We take a systematic approach to identifying, analyzing, evaluating and managing our risks. Health and safety regulations are perceived as the minimum requirements applicable to our activities, and it goes without saying that our primary duty is to protect the health of our employees.